White (and Black) Yosemite

After a fresh coat of powder I squeezed a trip in-between storms to the iconoclast of national parks and photographic destination, Yosemite Valley . I had never been to Yosemite outside of the gridlock conditions of summer. The winter offered a protective shelter from the crowds and offered me the perfect opportunity to capture the park in ways I had never seen experienced it before.


Summer Northwestern Road Trip

It was fantastic to start the summer off with a quick road trip north. I jetted up to Seattle for one night and meandered my way back down the west to my home town of Sebastopol, California. The weather was impeccable for Oregon and the West Coast in general, this offered up some optimal shooting conditions. Fern Canyon and Prairie Creek National Park was the highlight of the trip. That forest is mystical; the flora and fauna this park preserves is pristine and a pinnacle to California’s breathtaking scenery.


Crater Lake Sunrise


Diamond View Lake in Central Oregon, looking towards Diamond Peak.



Prehistoric Giants, Sequoia Sempervirens


Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek National Park


Velella Velella basking in the final light


Five Finger Ferns